Mini Huts - Kemi Niko

Kemi Niko

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Bespoke scale replicas of select Aotearoa huts and made with the integrity and spirit of the backcountry; from salvaged materials to handcrafted construction. Built to last generations, each one as unique as the huts they are inspired by.

Tararua Forest Park, Wairarapa 
 A charming 4 bunk hut built in 1958 by the Masterton Tramping Club. The hut is adorned with quirky signage including ‘no parking’ and ‘antenatal clinic’ signs. Blue hut with lean-to & chimney flue:
Poet Hut Mungo River, Paparoa National Park, West Coast Poet hut is an iconic B48 4-bunk hut built by the Westland NZFS in 1957. It is one of a handful built before national hut standards started to be introduced a year later.:
Cone Hut Tararua Forest Park, Wairarapa Built in ’46 and rebuilt with the same materials in the early ‘80s by Aotearoa’s first tramping club, the Tararua Tramping Club. One of the best surviving examples of a totara ‘slab hut.: